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Decluttering any space is difficult and can require a lot of time, patience, determination and willpower. It is easy to say you will do something, but not follow through out of pure laziness or the sheer fact that you may be too busy to do it anyway. In any case, decluttering your home is a task that is easier done when you are not alone. That is why it is vital that you invest in the services of a Professional Organiser and Declutterer for declutter help for London residents.

Before the initial consultation with your decluttering expert, there are a few things you should keep in mind or have a think about. It is likely that your Professional Organiser and Decluttering company will speak about these topics.

1. Start off small

If you are working on decluttering a single room or organising your entire home, it is always best to start off small. Especially in cases where the clutter is more severe, tackling the mess can seem like an overwhelming task. Attempting to conquer months of built up clutter in the space of a day is nearly impossible. It can be done, but the job will be shabby.

Instead begin with one task such as cleaning one area of your room. You can even make it more interesting and creative by setting yourself a goal such as, finding 10 things to donate or throw away. The possibilities are endless and each person will have their own goals to meet for each circumstance.

2. Have a sorting system

This helps with organising your clutter. Most of the clutter should be thrown away – remember the goal is to get rid of the quantity of items you have to make more room in your home. Simply organising by putting items back in their place aka the storage closet does not help the situation. In this case “out of sight, out of mind” does not apply.

Create a sorting system. You could use large bin bags or plastic storage boxes to sort out each item of clutter. You can customise them by adding a label so you know at the end of a decluttering session which items you wish to throw away, donate, sell or keep.

declutter help for London residents

3. Reward yourself for completing a task

You should go into your decluttering session with the mindset that you should complete each task completely. This means no cutting corners, no leaving it till another day, no stopping after you’ve just started.

After you complete a task, it should be a reward in itself feeling like you have accomplished something. To add extra satisfaction, you can reward yourself with something after the task is complete. This is great for decluttering in groups or as a family, as it can encourage children to help cleaning up and makes an interesting game for friends who are helping you out.

4. Finish what you started

Going back to the last point, you should always finish what you have set out to do. With the help of a Professional Declutterer, you can get the support you need to finish decluttering your London home.