Best Wash Mitts For Cars

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to deciding what wash mitt to use on your car. First you will need to know the type of wash mitt you would choose for your car, should you go for a microfiber wash mitt, a natural wool mitt or any other material? Your choice will depend on how you want your car cleaned. You might also want to consider the prices, and get the best wash mitts that you can afford.

The following are three best wash mitts available;

i) Lambswool Wash Mitt- Meguiars
This particular type of wash mitt from Meguiars, has dominated the market for over a decade. It is among the most common and most preferred wash mitts that the market avails to its customers. It has a mesh surface that helps remove stubborn particles from lights and windows. It has an elastic cuff for proper hand fit.

ii) Super Thick Microfibre Wash Mitt- Meguiars
This is one of the most common wash mitts from Meguiars. This is very effective as it keeps tiny dirty particles away from your surface, compared to the other models offered by the same company. Its price is pocket friendly, another reason the super thick wash mitt has attracted a lot of customers. This also has an elastic cuff for a good fit.

iii) Dodo juice Tribble Mitt
Compared to the Meguiars version, the Dodo mitt is a classic sheepskin with longer plusher fibers. One of the best reasons why people prefer this wash mitt is because it has the ergonomic thumb shape, and an elastic cuff, which fits the hand and helps get into harder areas around the wash mitt

Get the best wash mitt for your car, and remember to consider the prices and other important factors like durability in order to get satisfied with the one you will choose.

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