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I have a very big lorry truck that I will be selling in around a months time. This is because I will be moving countries next month and it will be very hard for me to take a such big truck anywhere else. I have been warned by friends that it is very hard to sell such big vehicles as it does not appeal to everyone. I will also be putting an ad up on Kijiji in hope for someone to buy it over there. When I was putting the ad up on Kijiji is when I thought that it would be a wonderful idea to put it up on this forum.

This forum talks about trucks, so if someone would like to purchase this truck for commercial purposes that will also be a great idea. I am going to sell my lorry in a few weeks, if you also want to buy it then go ahead and message me. I have not exactly decided on the price yet instead I will be willing to give it on your asking price.lorry for sale I really just need to sell my truck. If, I was not going to move I was never going to sell my lorry truck. I would never sell my lorry truck because it is in such great shape and is pretty much brand new.

Overall, if you are interested or have any further questions about the truck please do message me. I will be more than happy to answer anything that you need answered and clear everything up for you. I am hoping that I can sell it very quickly as pushing it later and later is just going to cause me a lot of problem as it is so far to move it around.

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